Plan Ahead

Pre-planning is limited to purchases and perpetual care.

Options for Burial

Fairview Cemetery is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit cemetery that offers a wide range of burial options to fit your family’s needs. Within Fairview Cemetery’s more than 60 acres, there are still choices where you can select the perfect tranquil location for a final resting place. If your faith requires a specific method of burial, we will attempt to meet your needs. Nothing is more personal than laying a loved one to rest. One of our staff will be happy to meet with you to walk the grounds, explore your options, and answer questions you may have. The following burial options are available:

Traditional Burial

Traditional burial is a time-honored way to lay to rest a departed loved one. In-ground burial involves a casket and grave with a marker or headstone, as permitted in specific sections.


A cremation ceremony can be much like that of a traditional burial ceremony, but families have more flexibility both in time and formality. Cremated remains may be interred in a grave and the loved one’s resting place can be marked in the same way as a traditional burial, with a marker or a headstone, as permitted in specific sections.


Families can plan and arrange for perpetual care that provides individual and meticulous care for grave plantings and year-round maintenance of the grave. Payments toward perpetual care plans remain in an irrevocable trust fund, and are invested in a manner consistent with the laws of the State of New Jersey to guarantee the grave is maintained forever.